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Quilt Classes

The following classes are available on an ongoing basis, either to groups of 3 or more or as private instruction. Contact us for scheduling and pricing information.

Basic Quilting:

In this seven session class you will learn the fundamentals of the basic piecing techniques used to make many of the 4000+ documented quilt block patterns. You will also construct the top for a small wall hanging in the course of the class.

Finishing Your Quilt, Part 1—The Quilt Sandwich:

Learn the proper way to sandwich and baste your quilt to prepare it for quilting.

Finishing Your Quilt, Part 2—The Basics of Machine Quilting:

Learn simple ways to quilt your project on your home sewing machine.

Finishing Your Quilt, Part 3—The Finished Edge:

Learn to finish your quilt by properly applying your binding.

Foundation Piecing:

Learn the basics of foundation or “paper” piecing, a technique that lets even beginners achieve results like a pro!

Drunkard’s Path—An Introduction to Curved Seam Piecing:

Learn the basics of curved seam piecing, which is an intermediate technique.

Why oh Why?—An Introduction to Inset or “Y” Seams:

Learn the basics of inset piecing, which is an intermediate to advanced technique.

Introduction to Electric Quilt:

Learn how to design your own quilts using the most popular quilting software program on the market.

Making Quilt Labels on Your Computer:

Learn how to design and print your own quilt labels using Hewlett Packard’s software program.

Stained Glass Quilting:

Learn to create the look of stained glass, but without the sharp edges and hot lead!

Introduction to English Paper Piecing:

Not everything is done on the machine! This lovely old hand piecing technique is something you can work on wherever you are!

Introduction to Hand Applique:

Learn the basics of hand applique, including points, valleys, and curves.

I’ve Always Wanted to Learn How To…:

Design Your Own Class! Is there something special you’ve always wanted to learn? Don’t be shy—we can create a class just for you!